Traditional Florida Design

The Best of Old Florida

We have always been obsessed with “Old Florida” homes! Kristen and Dane met while Kristen was living in and renovating a beautiful 1920s 4-square home in the Dean Park Historic District in Fort Myers, FL. During this early phase of their relationship, they would take long walks around downtown Fort Myers and admire the many timeless historic homes in the area. It was at that time that their dreams of teaming up and becoming homebuilders began to grow.

Historically, high ceilings and large windows allowed air to move more freely throughout the house for a cooling effect. Large roof overhangs and porches provided increased shade and allowed rainwater to shed away from the exterior walls. Floors were elevated to protect against flooding. Light paint colors and sometimes metal roofs were used to reflect the heat from the sun.

These traditional design elements not only make for beautiful, functional architecture, but they also reflect what life in Florida is all about: maximizing your outdoor space. Combined with efficient, family-friendly floor plans, what’s not to love about these homes?

Our plans, inspired by the key elements of Florida Vernacular and Coastal design, take inspiration from the best elements of the old and make it new.

Let’s make something beautiful together.